Plastic injection molding at Kern

Plastic injection molding is a versatile process in which molten plastic is injected into a mold to produce complex plastic parts. Many everyday products have been produced using this manufacturing technique.

At Kern Antriebstechnik, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality plastic injection molding solutions. In doing so, we rely on high-quality machines from the Arburg brand. In this article, you will learn more about our plastic injection molding processes, the maximum injection part weight capacity and the maximum clamping force of the machines we use.

Highest quality and absolute precision

At Kern Antriebstechnik, we attach great importance to the highest quality and precision, which is why we have opted for Arburg brand machines, which are renowned for their reliability and performance. Our plastic injection molding machines enable us to manufacture products that meet the demanding requirements of our customers and fulfill their individual wishes.

Maximum molded part weight of 166 g

Accuracy in plastic injection molding production is critical, and at Kern Antriebstechnik we have the ability to produce parts with a maximum weight of 166g. This weight limit allows us to manufacture a wide range of products, from small, intricate parts to larger and more complex assemblies. Our highly qualified specialists ensure that every part meets the highest quality standards.

Our expertise in plastic injection molding

At Kern Antriebstechnik, we not only have first-class machines, but also a highly qualified team of experts in the field of plastic injection molding. Our specialists have extensive experience and expertise to ensure that every batch of products is produced and delivered perfectly. From material selection, molding and injection to quality control, we work with precision and dedication to meet our customers’ requirements.

Overmolding of inserts

The overmolding of inserts is also one of our areas of expertise. It enables plastic to be injected around existing inserts. This method offers an efficient way of producing complex components that utilize both the strength of the inserts and the versatility of plastics. It opens up numerous application possibilities and offers significant advantages in terms of strength, precision and design flexibility.

Do you need a customized injection moulding solution or would you like to find out more about plastic injection moulding at Kern? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you.