Electric motor in bespoke design
Customised ST motor
Customised motorised mixer
ST motor in bespoke design
Customised UF motor
Stator in bespoke design
Outrunner in bespoke design

Customised BLDC and DC motors


At Kern Motion Technology, you have the option of having BLDC and DC motors customised to meet your requirements. They can then be seamlessly integrated into your application, ensuring the best possible cost-benefit ratio for your specific use case. Whether you need one-off products or large series – thanks to our modern and flexible machinery and our decades of expertise in drive technology, we can offer both!

We can also work with you as a development partner for new products, or reengineer and optimise existing ones. Are you looking for an alternative solution to products that have been discontinued on the market? Then simply drop us a line.

Customised brakes and clutches


Kern Motion Technology gives you the option to precisely customise our brakes and clutches to suit your requirements. These components will then fit seamlessly into your application. From one-off products to large series, our modern and flexible machinery enables us to implement your individual requirements.

We are your partner for customised brakes, clutches, new products, optimisations and alternatives to discontinued products.

Industrial brake in bespoke design
Customised hollow shaft clutch
Customised clutch
Customised translator unit by Kern Motion Technology

Our advantages

Everything you need under one roof
We are your full-service partner in the field of drive technology
Fast and uncomplicated implementation
We rely on direct, fast and straightforward communication throughout the entire project
Made in Germany
We manufacture products of the highest quality – made in Germany
From individual parts to large series
For us, no batch is too small and no production series too large!