HYSTERESIS BRAKES – The special features

Brakes and clutches are indispensable in numerous industrial applications.
A special type of brake is the hysteresis brake. It uses the principle of hysteresis to generate the desired braking torque. This operating principle has certain special features that make the hysteresis brake particularly suitable for a wide range of applications:

How the hysteresis brake works
The mode of operation of the hysteresis brake is based on the principle of hysteresis, in which magnetic poles attract and repel each other to generate the desired torque.
The hysteresis brake therefore transmits the torque without contact and without mechanical friction or wearing parts.

No maintenance necessary
Due to its non-contact mode of operation, the hysteresis brake is extremely easy to maintain. Unlike conventional brakes, which often have wearing parts, hysteresis brakes do not require regular maintenance, which not only reduces operating costs but also increases reliability in industrial applications.

Steplessly adjustable torque
Hysteresis brakes offer the option of infinitely variable torque adjustment. It can be set precisely and continuously. This enables constant provision of the required torque and precise adaptation to the requirements of the respective application.

Technical versions
Hysteresis brakes are available in various technical designs. They range from nominal torques of 0.05 to 52 Nm, depending on the size. They are available both in a bearing-mounted version with a free shaft end and as individual components without bearings. The brake cables can deliver up to 2000 W in continuous operation and up to 4000 W in short-time operation (intermittent operation).

Applicability and performance
Brakes with fixed torque, manually adjustable torque and electrically adjustable torque with and without controller, offer a ready-to-use solution for most applications. These brakes can withstand high continuous slip power and are even suitable for short-term overloads. The high performance of hysteresis brakes makes them reliable components in industrial plants, printing machines and many other applications that require precise control.

All in all, hysteresis brakes offer a reliable way of precisely controlling the torque in industrial machines and systems. However, frequent maintenance is not necessary. They can be found in a variety of applications where precise torque control is of great importance.

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