MILLING, GRINDING AND TURNING- everything about production at Kern

Kern Antriebstechnik has developed outstanding expertise in the world of industrial drive technology. Milling, grinding and turning play a decisive role in this. In this blog article, we take a look at these important manufacturing techniques and their significance in modern production.

Milling: The art of precise material removal

Milling is a process for machining workpieces in which a rotating tool removes material to create the desired shape. This process enables the production of complex workpieces with high precision.

Areas of application for milling

There are numerous areas of application for milling, from the manufacture of gears to the production of prototypes in medical technology. We can machine components with a diameter of up to 450 mm and dimensions of up to 500×450×360 mm (LxWxH). We can also handle parts weighing up to 300 kg.

Sanding: Fine sanding for perfect surfaces

Grinding is a process for improving the surface quality of workpieces. Surface treatment plays a decisive role in the production of high-precision parts. We fulfill customer requirements for surface and cylindrical grinding and machine components of various sizes:
Cylindrical grinding: max. diameter 200 mm; max. length 700 mm
Surface grinding: max. length 500 mm; max. width 270 mm

Rotation: Rotation for complex shapes

Turning is a process in which a workpiece is mounted on a rotating spindle and a cutting tool removes material.This technique is particularly suitable for the production of cylindrical parts.

The role of CNC technology

Modern milling, grinding and turning machines are often controlled by CNC (Computerized Numerical Control).It enables precise control of tool movements and material removal by a computer. Our portfolio ranges from conventional turning to CNC-controlled lathes with gantry loaders. We process components with a maximum diameter of up to 360 mm and a maximum length of up to 700 mm.

In conclusion, it should be noted how important milling, grinding and turning are in the modern manufacturing industry. These techniques are the basis for high-quality, precise products and contribute significantly to innovation and increased efficiency.

We are aware of this fundamental importance in the industrial process and are always available to you with our expertise and application-specific solutions.
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