Sustainability at Kern Antriebstechnik: Working together for a better environment

EV charging point at Kern Motion Technology

“What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.” This guiding principle is at the heart of our efforts at Kern Antriebstechnik. The environment is very important to us, which is why we are continuously committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly measures. Below we would like to give you an insight into some of our latest sustainability initiatives.

Electric drives in the company fleet
We are committed to electromobility and have therefore expanded our company fleet and are now using the Tesla Model 3 and the VW UP-E for company trips and business travel. With these electric vehicles, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

Natural light through domed roof
Another step towards sustainability is the renovation of our domed roof. Our entire production hall is now flooded with natural daylight. The use of daylight is not only energy-efficient, but the additional insulation of the flat roof also ensures that energy is used even more efficiently.

Ceiling fans for heat circulation
Our production halls require efficient heat circulation to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. To achieve this, we have renewed our ceiling fans. In summer, they ensure the distribution of fresh air, which enters the production halls through the open domed roof.

Photovoltaic system on the company roof
Sustainable production is a top priority at Kern Antriebstechnik. We use almost half of our flat roof (approx. 1200 m²) for a photovoltaic system. The energy generated covers 100% of our energy consumption in production and the offices. This reduces our need for conventional electricity and helps to reduce our ecological footprint.

Saving energy with new company power supplies
Our energy efficiency efforts also extend to our IT infrastructure. Our new servers are based on state-of-the-art storage technology, which are not only 10 times faster than their predecessors, but also boast an impressive energy efficiency of 94% on the server power supplies. This helps to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Participation in the energy audit
In accordance with the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), we have carried out an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1. This audit is part of the German government’s efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. We take our responsibility for the environment seriously and are doing everything we can to further optimize our energy consumption.

These are just a few examples of the environmentally friendly measures we are successfully implementing at Kern Antriebstechnik. We are proud to see our own progress in sustainability:

In-house energy generation: Annual savings of 124,000 kg of CO2.
Electric fleet vehicles: Electric motors and e-bike leasing for our employees.
Energy-saving lighting: LED ceiling lights, outdoor lighting and automatically dimmable ceiling lights. Reducing printouts: Minimizing our printing and encouraging our customers to do the same. Recyclable materials: use of recyclable cleaning cloths in the exchange system.

We firmly believe that every step we take towards sustainability has a positive impact on our environment. At Kern Antriebstechnik, we are proud to do our part and we will continue to strive to find sustainable solutions to make tomorrow’s world an even better place.