Testing technology at Kern Antriebstechnik

At Kern Antriebstechnik, we attach great importance to every detail. That’s why we rely on test benches developed in-house that are specially tailored to the requirements of our products. These testing techniques enable us to check every component down to the smallest detail and ensure that it meets our high quality standards.
All test equipment is subject to test equipment management and is a key component of quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. It aims to ensure and maintain the quality, reliability, usability and readiness of the measuring and test equipment in our companies.

Electrical tests for stators, rotors and coils

Whether stators, rotors or coils, all products must meet the highest quality and safety requirements.Our specially developed testing technology enables us to put every single component through its paces.From resistance measurement and short circuit testing to insulation integrity – nothing escapes our extensive testing technology.

High-voltage testing

High-voltage tests are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical components.Our test benches for high-voltage testing make it possible to test the insulation integrity of our products in accordance with DIN EN 60034-1 or customer-specific conditions.This enables us to ensure that they also meet the necessary requirements.

Test bench for clutches and brakes

Clutches and brakes are crucial for the safety and performance of a drive unit. Our test benches for clutches and brakes allow us to test these components under realistic conditions.
From load capacity to temperature resistance – we ensure that our products can function perfectly even under extreme conditions.

Test bench for motors

Motors are the heart of a drive unit and must meet the highest standards. Our motor test bench enables us to test the performance and efficiency of our motors under real conditions. By testing torques, speeds, mechanical and electrical performance, we ensure that our motors deliver top performance.

Leak testing in assemblies

Leak testing enables us to ensure that our products are free from leaks and guarantee maximum safety. By using the latest technology, even the smallest leaks can be detected quickly and efficiently and thus rectified.


At Kern Antriebstechnik, quality is our top priority. Thanks to our state-of-the-art testing technology, we can ensure that all our products are reliable and powerful.
Depending on the requirements, the products can be subject to a 100% test or a random sample test. It is also possible to document the test results to ensure appropriate traceability.

Do you need a drive solution at the highest level or would you like to find out more about our test procedures? Then we look forward to hearing from you!