Why Kern motors? The advantages of our Kern motors are convincing

The world of drive technology is characterized by constant further development and innovation. In this dynamic environment, Kern Drive Technology is distinguished by over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of precision motors. Our product range includes a wide selection of DC servo motors, be it brushed or brushless, stand-alone or built into a system. The high precision and attention to detail in our manufacturing have made our motors what they are today: Top products that go far beyond the standard in drive technology.

Precision motors for the highest demands

Our motors are designed for precision and meet the highest requirements for synchronization, energy efficiency and low vibration. This is crucial for applications where absolute accuracy and reliability are required. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that our motors are able to perform in the most demanding applications.

From motor series to servo motors

Our product range includes several series tailored to specific requirements:

BLDC series: this new motor series with brushless motors offers a powerful and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.

DA series: The DA series servo motors are characterized by their extreme accuracy in control and minimal cogging torque.

GM series: The motors of the GM series are characterized by particularly precise concentricity and offer a flexible power spectrum.

P series: The DC servo motors of the P series are particularly powerful and are suitable for use in general mechanical engineering.

UF series: The ultra-flat brushless motor is ideal for special installation situations and is characterized by absolute precision.

BLDC external rotor: These motors enable direct drive of wheels, roller conveyors and turntables, offer high torque at low speed and can even realize special solutions on request.

Why Kern motors?

There are several compelling reasons why our motors are the first choice for precision applications:

  1. energy utilization: our motors are extremely energy efficient and help reduce energy consumption in applications.
  2. quietness: Kern motors are designed to be exceptionally quiet, making them ideal for applications where vibration must be avoided.
  3. durability: Our motors are consistently designed for durability and endurance. They are robust and can be used even in demanding environments.
  4. maintenance efficiency: Kern motors are maintenance efficient and easy to repair, which keeps operating costs low and minimizes downtime.

Our motors are sustainable

Modern production processes not only emphasize top-quality products, but also sustainability. Our motors are designed to be manufactured in a way that conserves resources and leaves a small environmental footprint over their lifetime.Overall, Kern motors offer an unbeatable combination of precision, efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re looking to automate manufacturing processes, control robots, or other precision applications, our motors are the right choice.If you’re looking for precision drives that meet the highest standards, Kern motors are the answer. Rely on our decades of experience and uncompromising dedication to quality.

Contact us because our Kern motors are the driving force behind your success story in the world of precision drive technology. You want to learn more about why our motors convince? Then feel free to contact us!