Product photograph: Permanent-magnet brake BDH 1-8
Product photograph: Permanent-magnet brake BDH 1-8 with hollow shaft



The BDH series, like the PMKs, is a hysteresis brake equipped with permanent magnets. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where a constant torque is required and no voltage source is available. The robust aluminium housing allows the brake to dissipate heat effectively to the surroundings, making it suitable for higher slip powers. 


  • Compact and robust design
  • Speed-independent torque delivery 
  • Completely wear and maintenance-free
  • No voltage source required
  • Suitable for higher slip powers
  • Brakes available with different torque values
  • Can be used both as a brake and as a clutch


The BDH series is available with a total of four torque options (1 Nm – 8 Nm). Other torque outputs are also possible, depending on customer requirements. Thanks to the keyed shaft and the mounting threads on the outer diameter, this brake can be easily integrated into the respective systems.
For special requirements, we also offer a brake version with hollow shaft for the BDH 1 and BDH 3 models.


  • Band brake in the textile industry, paper industry
  • Overload clutch
  • Braking resistor on test rigs