The servomotors in our DA series offer outstanding control accuracy and minimised cogging torque. They are ideal for metrology applications that require positioning accuracy in the μ range – their perfect concentricity and small footprint make them essential for the sensitive and efficient machines used for economical industrial production.
We also offer servicing for P-series and GM-series motors. 


  • Extreme precision 
  • Perfect concentricity
  • Compact design
  • Continuous or short-term operation possible


With seven different motor types and a variable power range from 20W to 500W, you can choose the ideal solution for your specific application. The standard version of our DA motor impresses with its elegant black housing, is equipped with an encoder or tacho and features an IP40 protection rating.
In addition, we offer a variety of further customisation options, such as different shaft outputs, gearbox adaptations or extended protection to optimise the performance and functionality of your motor and adapt it precisely to your specific use case.


  • Gearboxes: planetary gearboxes from our PLE series are available for all motors. 
  • Brakes: the brakes are spring-applied holding brakes.
  • Encoders: the corresponding encoders are magnetic shaft encoders with a pulse count of 500 (for Motor 4DA) or 1000 pulses per revolution (for Motor 5DA – 8DA).
  • Tachometers: DC tachogenerators with a voltage constant of 3V (motor 4DA) or 5V/1000 rpm (motor 5DA – 8DA) are used as tachometers.
  • DC servo controllers